Here you can find projects that I have worked on in the past.

Air Balloon

A 2D game prototype that I built using Matter.js. This included coding in Javascript, creating sprites, building levels, and designing a simple user interface. Notice how the balloon stretches and squishes as it moves! This effect formed the basis of my Unity Asset Juicy Sprite Stretch. There is also a fade effect when moving from level to level, which formed the basis of my Unity Asset BasicSceneFade. A full version of this game, using Unity, is in development.

Icy Platforms

A prototype for a 2D platformer that I built in 1 week using Unity. This included scripting in C#, creating some simple sprites, and building levels. The video above shows the tutorial level of the game.

Vocamate Chinese Dictionary

A Chinese-English dictionary app with tools for studying Chinese, such as a flash card mode. I developed the app by myself. This included designing the user interface and programming in C#. The app is available for free for Windows 10, with optional add-on features.