Our Games

We are interested in sparking new ways of thinking. To do so, we build content that surprises and challenges you. Here you can find our games for iOS devices.

Laser Puzzle Run

Navigate through laser-filled rooms, like in the movies, but take your time! You have to think about each step carefully to avoid the laser beams.

Can you solve all 70 puzzles?

Discover the patterns behind the laser beams to navigate around them.

Lasers are beautiful!

Get the game for iPad or iPhone on the App Store.

Tango Fish

Dance with the sharks, but do not get too close – they bite.

Make the Tango Fish move through the aquarium to avoid the sharks. How long can you survive?

* Multi-touch support. Play with your friends!
* No advertisements
* Irresistible Latin dance music

Available for free for iPad and iPhone on the App Store.