Easy to implement Fade In effect for Unity

Creating a fade in effect at the start of a scene becomes easy with our Unity Asset Basic Scene Fade. The Asset can also be used to fade between two scenes.

What others say about Basic Scene Fade

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Amazing! … The manual is so well explained … [I accomplished] what [I] was looking for thanks to this asset. Thanks a lot!


Basic Scene Fade’s features

  • fade in at the start of a scene with just one Prefab
  • fade to another scene with just one Prefab & one line of code
  • custom colors and timing
  • works on mobile
  • example scenes
  • clear documentation: download Basic Scene Fade’s PDF manual
  • well-commented code

NOTE: Basic Scene Fade 1.0 does not support VR.

How to use Basic Scene Fade for creating fade in effects and fade transitions

Curious how to use Basic Scene Fade? Please take a look at the Basic Scene Fade instruction video. You can also take a look at the Basic Scene Fade PDF manual.

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