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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the goal of the game?
    Each puzzle has one or more bright tiles, located at the right-hand side. The goal is to move the player to one of the bright tiles, without getting hit by a laser beam.
  2. How do I avoid getting hit?
    To avoid getting hit by a laser beam, here are some ideas you could try:
    – Can you walk around the laser beam?
    – Is there a way to block the laser beam with an object?
    – Is there a way to deactivate the laser source?
    – Can you push the laser to a new location?
  3. I’m stuck! What should I do?
    Don’t worry! Here are two suggestions:
    – You can skip the puzzle using the Skip button. You can always come back to the puzzle later. You can always have a maximum of 3 skipped puzzles in total.
    – You can contact us at Please mention the puzzle number. To find the puzzle number, go to the menu via the Menu button. The puzzle that you just tried is highlighted in white.