Previous projects

Laser Puzzle Run

A puzzle game for iPhone and iPad made in Unity. It is not available anymore on the App Store. However, you can still see it in action in this video.

Air Balloon

A 2D game prototype that I built using Matter.js. This included coding in Javascript, creating sprites, building levels, and designing a simple user interface. Notice how the balloon stretches and squishes as it moves! This effect formed the basis of my Unity Asset Juicy Sprite Stretch. There is also a fade effect when moving from level to level, which formed the basis of my Unity Asset Basic Scene Fade.

Vocamate Chinese Dictionary

A Chinese-English dictionary app with tools for studying Chinese, such as a flash card mode. I developed the app by myself. This included designing the user interface and programming in C#. The app is available for free for Windows 10, with optional add-on features.